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Word processing for teams

You can edit text documents right in your browser without any software. Multiple users can work simultaneously, and all changes are automatically saved.

Commenting, chat and
real-time editing

Together with teammates or with people outside your company, you can work on the same document. View edits as others type, chat through built-in chat, and ask questions through comments

Work with all popular
file types

Make your documents instantly editable, including Microsoft® Word and PDF files. You can export your work in .docx, .pdf, .odt, .rtf, .txt or .html format.

Unlimited revision history

You can track the changes made to your documents and undo anything you want. The previous versions are retained indefinitely and do not count toward your storage.

Work across devices, with or without Internet
Easy-to-manage sharing controls
Do more with third party add-ons

You can create, edit, and share documents from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. If you're offline, you can still use Google Docs with Chrome for Mac or PC.

You decide who can access your documents and folders. Give individuals or groups permission to edit, view, or just add comments.

In Docs, you can define words, research topics, and insert citations. Using integrated add-ons, you can extend Docs' functionality to include advanced formatting, mail merge, and more.

Start today - it's easy.

 If you need help there's 24/7 email, chat, and phone support from a real person.

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