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 SSL Certificate


Why SSL Certificates?

  • SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) is a foundation of trust for secure communication on the internet. SSL Error Service ensures a reliable environment for potential customers.

  • SSL encryption is a defense against hackers from stealing sensitive information such as credit card numbers, usernames, passwords, and addresses. SSL Service for website redirects to increase your Google Rankings.

  • An SSL Certificate or HTTPS Certificate creates a secure environment to accept debit/credit payments and helps to build customer trust.

  • Buy cheap SSL certificate for your website to provide a safer browsing experience and increase the better search engine ranking.

  • By using SSL certificate you can create fast and boost your SEO ranking to get more traffic on your website with ultimate security of your sensitive data.

  • Buy Cheap SSL Certificate from trusted SSL service for website and protect your website with the green padlock. Also, SSL error service enables you to avoid the “Not Secure” warning in the browser. Buy a cheap SSL Certificate today!

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Benefits of SSL certificate

  • Attract more customers.

  • Drive more sales.

  • Secures your sensitive information.

  • Build a visitor's trust for your brand or site.

  • Create a business-grade professionality.

How It Works

  • When your customer visits your SSL protected site, the SSL Certificate creates an encrypted connection with their browser.

  • On secure encryption, a padlock icon will appear in your customer's web browser to notify them that their connection is secured.

  • With Comodo certificates the information passed to and from your website are provided upto 128/256-bit encryption.

How does SSL work?

  • It is a big question amongst the other how SSL certificates work. SSL certificate protects data from hackers, who possibly can steal your private information such as credit card numbers, names, and addresses.

  • The process of SSL is really simple but very effective as SSL secures information by encrypting data between two servers.

  • So, only the client computer can verify the server certificate or only the host computer can decrypt the data. It ensures that all the data would remain private between the two.

  • In case the session is interrupted because of any reason, then the session will break and it should be re-establish again.

  • Also, the site which uses SSL displays a padlock icon in the address bar.

  • SSL is a trusted name in security and protection. It is more than just a technical tool that fulfills intensive security needs.

  • SSL provides safe security for transactions. You became reliable and trustworthy when a customer sees the SSL icon in the padlock.

  • They believe in your accountability and feel confident that their financial information is safe and secure.

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It's a Matter of Trust!

  • Indeed. Today cybersecurity is challenging every day with zero-day born threats, especially for online business.

  • It is becoming hard to cope up with daring hackers as they can steal your sensitive information.

  • People out there want security for their personal sensitive data. By using the SSL certificate you are building consumer loyalty and confidence in your brand.

  • SSL is also known as a Digital certificate, which creates a secure link between the two, a visitor’s browser and a website.

  • A breach can shake the confidence of customers particularly with a commercial website where sensitive and financial information is exchanged.

  • All e-commerce sites should be protected with an SSL certificate.

  • Apart from authentication and encryption, SSL certificates are very essential and crucial from a customer's point of trust.

  • The users can easily identify the simple signs that the data they send will be secured.

  • This turns your business into more profits as would like to do business with you or even revisit your site.

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